Reviewing Email Invitations

During the first couple days of your project going live (and anytime you send out new email invitations), you'll want to be able to easily deal with invitation email management. 

Accessing Invitations

To get started, you'll need to visit the Participant Directory and click on the Invitations tab. The dynamic table presented has both filtering and sorting controls:
  • Search by name, email, username or ID
  • Filter by Segment or invitation status (i.e. Joined, Invited, Not Yet Invited
  • Sort by table column (i.e. Participant, Status, Invited (date), etc.)

Bulk Action Menu 

Similar to other dynamic table areas in the platform, you can filter on and select the desired people to perform a necessary bulk action. From this area you can select individuals to:

  • Send an invitation 
  • Remove from the Study

For example, you might want to re-issue invites the day after going live to the individuals who still have yet to join. In this case you'd want to:

  1. Filter on the Invited status
  2. Select All to choose everyone from the resulting list
  3. Choose Send Invitation as the bulk action and Apply

You can also export your full or filtered list with the included table data and other account details using the Export to CSV option at the bottom of the page.

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