Invited vs. Added Participants

In various areas of a Study you will notice the following distinction being made regarding participants:

  • Added but not yet invited
  • Invited but not yet joined
  • Active / Joined

Once a panelist is added to a study (e.g. added via Bulk Import or Site Administration), they are considered Added but not yet invited. This means that while they have been added as a participant of that study, they have not received an email invitation to join the study. It is possible to send invitations outside of Recollective, but generally speaking this is typically done from within the platform. The distinction of Added from Invited allows you to track who has yet to receive their first communication from the Study.

After email invitations have been scheduled or sent, the participant's status will update to Invited but not yet joined. This means that while the participant has been sent an invitation, they have not yet accepted the invitation or logged in to begin their participation. 

Once a participant has accepted their invitation and logged into the study for the first time, their status will update to Joined. Participants who have joined the study are considered Active and will count towards the total number of Active Participants allowed per the Site Subscription

Participants who have joined the study will be considered Active and count towards the subscription unless they are removed or deactivated. If you have had a participant drop out and you wish to replace them, you should remove them from the study or deactivate their account prior to inviting the new participant to ensure your do not exceed the Active Participant limit. You can review our Removing & Deactivating Participants article for more information on this.

You can review your active, invited, and added participants at any time via the Participant Directory. The Active tab will display those participants who have joined:

The Invitations tab will display all added participants, and can be filtered to view by status: Joined, Invited, Not Yet Invited

You can reissue email invitations directly from the Invitations tab. Simply check off the participants, then use the Bulk Action menu to Send Invitations.

If you are using Participant Screening with manual approval, you will see an additional status: Pending Approval. This status indicates participants who have completed the study screener and are pending approval to join the study. Click here for more information on reviewing screened applicants. 
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