Bulk Importing Participants

Bulk Import is an easy way to add a large number of participants in your Study all at once via the import of an Excel spreadsheet.

The import process found within a Study will automatically assign everyone to that Study. It is otherwise identical to the import process found in the Site Administration area.

An important time-saving aspect of the Bulk Import process is the ability to create New Custom Fields and New Basic Segments

Please review our Bulk Importing Participants webinar.

Step 1: Prepare Your Spreadsheet

Minimum Requirements: 

  • The first row of your spreadsheet must contain a header row which simply labels each column. 
  • Each Panelist being imported must be represented in a single row.

Step 2: File Upload

  • Go to Study Admin > Add Participants > Bulk Import

Step 3: Column Review

Recollective will inspect the Excel sheet provided and summarize how many columns and rows it has detected. Now, it's time to tell Recollective what kind of information is represented by each column.

  • If column header matches a Standard field, existing Custom Field, or Segment, it will update automatically.
  • If the column header does not match any existing Custom Fields or Segments, you will need to assign the correct Custom Field or Segment, or create a New Custom field or New Segment.

Step 4: Verify Data

  • Once every column has been configured (i.e. none of the fields in the Column Review step appear yellow), the Continue button will become selectable. 
  • Press Continue to verify your data.

Step 5: Import Settings

  • If there are no issues preventing your Bulk Import from proceeding, a set of Import Settings will now appear. 
  • Use these settings to configure options that impact the Participants being imported

Step 6: Import Process

  • Click the Start Import button below the Import Settings. 
  • Note: Bulk Imports are fast but not instantaneous. 

Sending Invitations

Please note that no emails are sent during the bulk import process. After you complete your Bulk Import, you will be prompted to schedule Email Invitations.

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