Adding Existing Panelists to a Study

People that were previously bulk imported into the site or participated in another Study already have a Panelist account. Those account holders can be invited to join additional Studies without registering for a new account. 

Start by selecting Add Participants from the Study Admin menu (you can also click into the Participant Directory icon and select the green Add button). Under the Use Existing Profile Data header, you will find the Assign Existing Panelists area where you have the option to Select Panelists, as shown below:

This will direct you to the Site Administration area where you can select the desired Panelists you'd like to have as Study participants. You can refine the list of Panelists shown through the available filter options (e.g. Segments). 

When ready, select the checkbox next to each person you'd like to add, then use the bulk action dropdown at the bottom of the page to add them to your Study. Don't forget to hit Apply to save your changes (as shown below).

Panelists added to your Study will be deemed Added but not yet invited. You will still need to send them an Email Invitation.

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