Participant Directory

The Participant Directory is where most of your participant management takes place. You can view active participants in the study, resend invitations, check the Leaderboard, review screened applicants, and delete contributions from inactive participants. Most operations can be performed for a single participant or in bulk.

Access the Participant Directory via the dedicated icon (which also show the number of active participants in your Study) as shown below:

The Participant Directory has different sections that deal with different aspects of people management. The different sections are  Participants, Admins, and Inactive. Use the dropdown at the top of the Directory to navigate to the different sections.


From the Participants section, you can perform various actions such as reviewing Active Participants, checking out Leaderboard, resending Invitations, reviewing Screened applicants and more. Use the tabs across the top of the Directory to access the different views.

  • Use the Active tab to view and manage active participants. A participant is deemed active when they have completed their Account Registration and visited the study at least once. Hover over a participants name and select the menu arrow to access a list of interactions:
  • Tip: You can perform many of the same interactions for a group of participants using the Bulk Action menu at the bottom of the directory. Simply select the relevant participants by checking the box next to their name, then choose an interaction from the Bulk Action Menu and click Apply.
  • Use the Leaderboard tab to review points and levels (if the Points feature is being used and the Leaderboard option enabled.)
  • Use the Invitations tab to view Participants who were invited but have not joined yet. For more information on invited participants, read Invited vs. Added Participants.
  • Use the Screened tab to review screened applications (if Participant Screening is being used.)


From the Admins area, you can view all of the Administrators who have access to the study. Analysts have access to all studies on the site, so you will always see all Analysts listed here. Moderators and Clients must be added to the Study in order to access it. 

Hovering over an Admins name will reveal a menu arrow. Analysts can choose to Support Login as or Edit the Admin from this menu. Note that all Admins with access to the study will appear in this list whether they are registered or not. If the Admin has visited the study, their last study visit date will appear under their name. You can view additional information such as their Joined Study date, last Study Visit, and Total Study Visits by clicking on their name. 


From the Inactive area, you can see all inactive study Participants. This list will include any participants who were removed from the study, or whose account has been deactivated. 

Deleting Contributions

When a participant is removed or deactivated, their study response data is not automatically removed. By default, contributions from inactive participants are included in the final data on the platform, as well as in transcripts and exports.

If you wish to delete the contributions of inactive participants, you can do so from the Inactive section of the participant directory. To delete the contributions for a single participant, hover over their name and select Delete Contributions. To delete the contributions of multiple participants, select the checkbox next to each name, then use the Bulk Action menu at the bottom of the page to select Delete Contributions and click Apply.

A confirmation modal will appear, allowing you to Cancel the operation or proceed with removing the selected data. Note that once the data has been removed, it cannot be restored.

By default, Hide from list of inactive participants is selected. When this option is selected, the relevant inactive participants will no longer appear in the study's Inactive area after their data has been removed. You can choose to deselect this option if you wish for the inactive participant(s) to continue to appear in the Inactive area after their data has been removed. Inactive participants' accounts can still be located in Site Administration via Search Panelists.

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