Revoking and Adjusting Points

Once points are earned, they can be reviewed in the Action Log. If needed, points can be revoked for incomplete answers. When required, it's also possible to adjust the points for a single participant or group of participants.

Revoking Points from the Action Log

If you'd like to review and revoke points, you'll need to do so from the Study's Action Log. You can make use of the relevant filters to hone in on specific actions or participants in order to identify cases of interest. Simply click the drop down menu arrow to the right of the specific action / log entry and select the Revoke Points option.

Once you've selected the revoke option, a modal will open allowing you to type out a Reason for Revocation. You can then have the reason and revocation communicated to the participant via a notification, or simply keep the reason as a note shown in the Action Log.

Adjusting Points for a Participant 

The easiest was to adjust a single participants points is to do so from their in-Study profile. Clicking into a participant's name or profile picture will bring you to their Study profile page. 

Each profile page has an Options menu in the top right where you can select the Adjust Points option. You can also access this option from most participant specific drop-down menus found in the Participant Directory.

Once selected, an Adjust Points modal will open providing you the option to Add or Remove points. You can also input a Target point value and the proper amount of points will be added or removed to meet the target.

Each of the options allow you to type out a Reason for Adjustment. You can then have the reason and adjustment communicated to the participant via a notification or simply keep the reason as a note shown in the Action Log.

Adjusting Points for Multiple Participants

If you're trying to edit and adjust points for multiple participants, the quickest way to do so is with a Bulk Import. From the Bulk Import page within a study, you can use the Create Template option that would only need to contain the Email and Points fields like shown below: 

In the resulting Excel download, simply copy / paste in the email addresses of the participants who's points you are adjusting in the Email column. In the adjacent 'Incentive Points' column, simply input the amount of points you're looking to add or remove from that specific user. When your Excel file is ready, simply save and upload it to the platform to have your point adjustments take hold!

This approach allows you to make multiple point edits (in terms of participants) and of varying degrees (in terms of the edit amount) in a single flow. Your point adjustments can be positive numbers (which will add to the participant's point total) or negative numbers (which will be subtracted from the participant's point total) - do not input the desired point total.

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