Study Settings: Points

The Points section of Study Settings allows you to enable gamification features for your Study. This includes the tracking of points for important actions in the Study and optional awarding of point-level badges.

This feature is not enabled by default so it must be enabled before any other settings in this area are meaningful.

Participant Visibility

Once the Points feature is enabled you can decide how much or how little is shared with the participants. Point tracking can be completely hidden or shared selectively. Your options are:

  • Keep Points and Levels hidden from participants entirely (even their own)
  • Allow participants to view their own points and levels
  • Allow participants to view all points and levels but hide the leaderboard (so it's seen only by Admins)
  • Allow participants to view all points, levels and leaderboard

Default Points

The second tab of the Points section allows you to customize (or remove) default point allocations for actions in a Study that can trigger a point reward. You can also set up custom point allocations on specific Activities and Tasks. In these cases, the system will apply the points from the specific Activity or Task setup (as opposed to the default ones listed in this menu). 

Defining Levels

Define one or more levels for participants to achieve with the points they earn. Once levels are defined, only participants that attain a level will appear on the Leaderboard. You can add a level that starts at zero points so as to list everybody. 

Each level can have its own unique icon or badge which can appear alongside the participant's photo and / or on their profile page. You can also enable an option that shows participants the amount of points needed to attain the next level to incentivize them to keep going and stay engaged.

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