Common Task Settings

All the various Task types in Recollective allow you to pose a question in a similar way. The type of Task then determines how the participant can respond to your question. 

Task Completion

Tasks can be required or optional in terms of their completion. Under the Task Name field is a Required Task switch that can be toggled on and off. When Required Task is switched off, the Ask for reason if skipped toggle will also appear. A skip arrow icon will also be shown in the bottom left of the Task card when on the Activity's overview page.

When a Task is optional, participants will have a Skip button presented to them at the bottom of the Task's page during completion. If  Ask for reason if skipped is enabled, participants will be shown a modal and will be required to select a reason for skipping the Task before they can proceed. 

Media and Stimulus

When creating your question, you can combine formatted text, photos, videos and files to provide the necessary instructions and information to the participant. As an Admin, there is no restriction on how many photos, videos or files you can add.

Use the Add Photo option that appears below the instructions area to drag and drop an image, select one from your device or search from our library of photos. Once uploaded, you'll be able to move where the photo is placed on the Task page, make it full width, etc.

You can also select the Insert Image... icon from the instructions toolbar to add your photo(s) directly into the Question or Instructions box for more formatting options using the rich text editor.

Tip: GIFs are also supported. You can use a GIF file in place of an image file anywhere images can be added!

Use the Add Video option that appears below the instructions area to do a webcam recording, upload a video file from your device or record your screen. Once uploaded, you'll be able to play your video, adjust it's placing on the Task page and make it full width.

Tip: Task instructions that include a video of the researcher asking the question typically have a better response rate and more detailed responses. 

Use the Add File option that appears below the instructions area to add a PDF, PowerPoint or Excel file that's relevant to the Task for example. Once uploaded, you'll be able to move the file's placing on the Task page and display it full width. 

Any media added using the Add Photo, Add Video, and Add File buttons can be captioned to better distinguish the item. Captions will appear directly below the stimulus item:

Additional Commentary

Many of the Task types in Recollective have a Comments section on their setup page allowing you to Capture additional commentary on the Task during its completion. 

This setting allows you to pose a required follow-up question on an exercise that otherwise dealt with a media upload or poll rating for example. This setting can also be used to simply provide an optional space for participants to add any comments if they desire.

Customizing Points

If you have chosen to enable the Points feature in the Study, you will see an option on all Tasks to Customize points awarded for task completion. This is an opportunity to depart from the default point allocation for the Task type as configured in Study Settings: Points. If selected, the default points will be shown for editing.

You might, for example, award more points when the Task is more complex or time consuming than usual, like an in-store visit or the creation of a collage. In other cases where you're offering multiple ways to answer a question, you can award more points to people who respond via a video versus text. 

Limiting Task Completion

It is possible to limit which participants can complete a specific task (among those permitted to access the Activity in which it's found). All Task types have an option labeled Limit who can complete this task. If selected, you can choose one or more Segments from a drop-down menu. You can also decide if the participants permitted to do the Task must be in ANY or ALL of the selected Segments.

Block Pasting

To deter participants from using generative AI (ChatGPT) to answer questions, Admins can now prevent the pasting of copied external content. The block pasting of external content tools will be a deterrent as participants will have to manually type out any generated responses.

When an Admin is configuring a Task, there is a new task level option to block pasting of external content located under the Advanced options of the task setup.

The option to block pasting can also be enabled as the default for all tasks within the Study from within the Study Admin > Study Settings > Content Checks.

The Task responses toggle controls the default setting for the block pasting option on Tasks and therefore will always block pasting in Task responses when enabled.

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