Socializing Responses

In addition to Activity Visibility options, Recollective also allows you to gain more insights by sharing, or socializing responses among participants. Recollective is unique in that you can avoid biasing participants responses by requiring that they respond themselves before being able to see other participants responses.

Response Visibility

To control if and when responses are socialized, modify the Response Visibility options while adding or editing an Activity from its Activity Setup page. A similar control exists in for Discussion Topics as well.

There are three options under Response Visibility while configuring a Standard Activity:

  1. All responses are visible immediately
  2. Responses are hidden from participants until they respond (this is the default)
  3. No sharing of responses among participants

The first option is ideal for casual Activities such as one that asks participants to introduce themselves. A personal introduction won't affect another person's response and it might encourage them to complete it.

The second option is the default for Standard Activities. Participants can see everyone else's responses to an Activity but only after they've taken the time to complete it themselves.

We recommend the second option as it improves engagement. People can compare their answers without biasing results. We also recommend more Activities with fewer Tasks instead of Activities loaded with many Tasks. Each break between the Activities is an opportunity to review the submissions by others without being totally overwhelmed.

The third and final option is obviously important if the Activity is tackling a sensitive matter and you believe you'll get more candid responses. We recommend clearly stating to participants that their responses will remain private as there is no other indication (especially if other parts of your Study are social in nature).