Limiting Activity Visibility

Each Activity can have different visibility settings - both in terms of Activity Visibility and Response Visibility. You can independently change which participants are permitted to see and complete the Activity and, once completed, how visible the responses are to those people. 

Activity Visibility

The default for a new Activity in terms of its visibility (i.e. accessibility) is All participants and All Administrators

Limiting Participants

You can restrict the visibility of an Activity to one or more Segments of participants using the Only select segments option. The Activity will be visible to participants who match ANY of the Selected Segments.

If you choose to restrict Activity Visibility, you must select at least one Segment from the drop-down list otherwise the Activity will remain unseen by all participants. Similarly, ensure any Segment(s) you select have one or more people in them.

Limiting Clients

Below the Select Segments option are a series of Client controls. You can choose to limit the visibility of the Activity to Only select Clients, or Hide from Clients entirely. 

This setting is beneficial when there is a particular Activity that your Clients should not have access to, such as an Activity where you need to collect personally identifiable information.

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