Limiting Task Visibility

Restricting Visibility at Activity vs. Task Level

Choosing to restrict visibility of a whole Activity (and all Tasks within it) is ideal when all Tasks must be completed by everyone in the chosen Segments. Restricting visibility at the Task level is used only when:

  • You want everyone to see the Activity, but have specific questions that apply only to a subset of people represented by one or more Segments
  • You want to restrict the whole Activity to specific Segments of people AND also have specific questions that apply to a further subset of those Segments
We strongly recommend you test the logic of your Activity and Task visibility by using the Preview Mode feature if using these options.

How To Limit Task Level Completion

To limit your Tasks by Segment, start by clicking on a Task type you would like to design as a question within your Activity. On the Task setup page, scroll to the bottom to the Advanced section and check the Limit who can complete this task box. 

A drop down menu will appear, allowing you to select any Segments you have previously created. Once you have designed your Task and assigned it to the correct Segments within the drop down menu, click Save and give your Task a name. It will now be visible only to those Segments you selected.

When a task is limited to a certain segment and activity responses are socialized only members of that segment will be able to view the responses from other participants to that task. Other participants outside of that segment cannot view the responses, even if they have access to the activity in which the task is housed. 

If you chose to restrict the Activity Visibility to one or more Segments, you must choose from only the relevant Segments at the Task level. If you select a Segment at the Task level that does not have access to the Activity itself, they will not be able to see the Task.
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