How to: Limit Visibility of Follow Up Tasks to Select Participants

Example: We are asking participants what their favourite outdoor activity is. We will have some follow up questions for participants who select Camping only. How can we setup our follow up questions so that only the participants who select Camping will see them?

To drive follow up Tasks based on responses in Recollective:

  1. Ask a close-ended question (Poll Task, Poll Blank within a Fill the Blanks Task, or Prompt Task)
  2. Configure choices to add participants to Segments 
  3. Limit the visibility of follow-up Tasks to the corresponding Segment

Let's look at setting this up using our Outdoor Activity example.

Before adding the Poll Task, create Segments for each choice:

  1. Go to Site Administration > Segments
  2. Add a New Basic Segment (We recommend a standardized naming convention so the Segments will appear together in the list. Ex. Outdoor Activity: Camping, Outdoor Activity: Kayaking)

Next, setup the close-ended question:

  1. Go to the Study
  2. Add a new Poll Task
  3. Enter the Question or Instructions
  4. Add the Choices
  5. Using the Advanced Options menu, configure each Choice to add participants to the corresponding Segment

Finally, add a Task for the follow up questions:

  1. Add a new Task (or Tasks) for the follow-up questions
  2. Limit the visibility of the Task(s) to the Outdoor Activity: Camping Segment

Note: To test your logic and preview the setup, you must use  Preview Mode. Preview Mode can be located under the Admin menu within your study. If you do not enable Preview Mode, and use the Activity Preview option instead, you will see all Tasks regardless of Segment limit.
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