Adding and Copying Tasks

Tasks are the questions you present to participants as part of an Activity. There are many different types of Task responses, from simple open-ended text through to polls, media uploads, card sorting, image and video markup exercises. You can add up to 50 Tasks in each Activity of any kind.

Best practice is to build more Activities with less Tasks (ideally 10 or less). If you add many more than this, participants may get fatigued and completion rates will decrease.

Adding Tasks

When you first configure a new Activity, you can begin to add Tasks directly from the Activity Setup page by clicking on the Next: Add Tasks button found at the top right or bottom left of the page.

You can only add new Tasks to an Activity prior to it receiving participant responses. Once participants begin to respond to Tasks, it is locked to prevent confusion. If you need to ask additional questions, we recommend you build a new Activity and connect them in a sequence.

You can add a Task from the Activity's summary page by clicking on the Add Task card and selecting the desired Task type. Follow the on-screen instructions and don't forget to reference the detailed help articles for each specific Task type as needed.

If you're already in the process of building out the Activity's Tasks, you can easily add a new one from an existing Task's setup page. Click into the Activity's Task menu (next to the All Activities menu option) towards the top left of the page and select Add Task.

Once you have added multiple Tasks to an Activity, change the sequence of Tasks by simply dragging and dropping them into the desired order from the Activity's summary page. You can also enable Task randomization.

Copying Tasks

Once you have created the Task, you can copy and paste it into the same Activity or any other Activity (in the same Study or in another Study on the same site).

Locate the Task you want to copy and open its menu by clicking on the Task card's chevron arrow. Select Copy from the drop down menu.

A dialog box will appear to confirm you would like to Copy the Task. 

You will notice that the Add Task card will now read Add or Paste Task

Click the Paste Task: "Task Name" option and your new Task's setup page will be presented so you can edit the copy to your desire.

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