Activity Sequencing

Activities are scheduled for release with a Start Date but they must also be completed in the order they are presented on the Activities page. By clicking into the Activity Sequence button available in the top right of that page, you'll see the default Force sequence of activities option selected.

To place your Activities in the desired order of completion, simply drag and drop the cards into the correct order. If the manual ordering and the start dates conflict, a warning will appear on the affected Activity cards.

Adding Flexibility to Activity Completion

If you want to provide more flexibility regarding Activity completion sequencing, you have two options:

  1. Indicate which Activities should not be part of the forced sequence
  2. Rely solely on the Activity dates themselves

Both of these options can be configured by pressing the Activity Sequence button at the top of the Activities page.

Editing the Activity Sequence

Press the Activity Sequence button and you will see a Sequenced checkbox on the bottom left of each Activity card. All Standard Activities are in the forced sequence by default. Journal Activities are out of sequence by default. If you choose to make a Journal Activity sequenced, its entry minimum must be met to continue to the following Activity.

If you want to ensure the completion of a particular Activity does not prevent the participant from moving forward, you will want to uncheck the Sequenced checkbox on that specific Activity.

Using Activity Dates Only

In some Studies it's important to allow participants to choose which Activities they want to complete. In this case, the Activity cards in the To Do list is more like a menu of possible Activities. To make use of this option, you'll want to disable the Force sequence of activities option and choose Use activity dates only as shown below.

Live Activities

Live Video Interview and Live Group Chat Activities are always available out of sequence. This is to ensure that all of your recruited participants can access the Activity ahead of time to perform a System Check

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