System Check for Live Video Activities

To ensure a smooth experience in live meetings, the System Check will test your audio/video devices, browser and network.

The  System Check button can be found on the entry page of Live Group Chat with Video and Live Video Interview Activities.  All users (Hosts, participants, simultaneous translators and backroom observers) who will be attending a live video meeting are encouraged to run a System Check ahead of the scheduled Activity start time.

Note: The System Check is browser and device specific so be sure to run the test from device and browser you will attend the meeting on.

The System Check will open in a new window or tab and will test the following:

Device setup:
Browser support, Video and Audio
If not already enabled, users will see a pop-up requesting access to their camera and microphone. If permissions are denied, they can be re-enabled through your browser or operating system settings. Click here for more information on enabling permissions.
Connectivity Sometimes users are behind firewalls that block connection to the live meeting. The connectivity test checks for anything that might block a users connection to the activity.
Performance Tests that the users’ network performance is stable enough to have high-quality video calls.

Users can ‘Skip’ any section of the test that is not relevant to them (i.e. Clients, Translators and other backroom attendees may choose to skip the Video Test as they will not appear on camera). Once complete, you will have the option to review and download your System Check report.

If all tests are passed, the user can safely close the window and proceed with the live meeting.

Tip: Make it even easier for participants to perform a System Check by adding it to your study Home page using a message card. Simply copy your site's URL with /system-check at the end.
(e.g. )

Viewing results

The outcome of each System Check conducted by users is stored and made visible to administrators in two areas.

The most recent System Check Result for each participant will appear in the Participant Summary table for both the Live Group Chat and Live Video Interview activity types. 

A system check result can be  PassedIssues or Failed. The test outcome label can be selected to view more details and a downloadable report is available for advanced debugging requirements.

The second area where System Check outcomes are stored and made visible is a data table that can be seen by Analysts when editing a panelist or admin account in the Site Administration area. It is titled System Checks and lists each and every check the user conducted. It includes the date, operating system platform, browser name/version, IP Address and the outcome of the test.

Troubleshooting in the moment

If a user is experiencing technical difficulties during a live meeting, they can click on Having Issues? to launch troubleshooting procedures. The user can choose between refreshing their page to re-join the meeting, or, running a System Check to diagnose their issue.

The Having Issues? button will only be visible to a user if and when performance issues have been detected.
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