Activity Types

When adding Activities you will be presented with four Activity types to choose from:

Standard Activities

Standard Activities are used to collect a single response per participant permitted to access the Activity. Participants typically must complete the Activity before seeing responses by other participants (i.e. to avoid bias).

Journal Activities

Journal Activities differ from Standard Activities as they allow participants to make multiple submissions to the same series of Tasks against a predetermined schedule or timeline. For example, you might set up a Journal Activity that requires participants to document their breakfast eating habits every day for one week, or do a shopping diary to be filled out each time they visit a particular store.

Live Group Chat Activities

Live Group Chat Activities enable you to build a chatroom or focus group style Activity that opens at a specific date and time. Live Group Chat support can support text-based chat as well as live video. During the Activity, participants can interact directly with each other and the moderator(s) via video, typed messages and live polls. 

Live Video Interviews

Live Video Interview Activities allow you to host 1:1 video meetings between a participant and an Analyst or Moderator. Administrators can set a window that meetings can be booked within and the participants are able to schedule their meeting themselves.

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