Time Zones for Activities

Every Activity on your Recollective site will have a Start Date, Due Date and possibly an Archive Date, if you choose to set one. 
  • Start Date: The date and time the Activity will become available to participants.
  • Due Date: The desired date and time for participants to complete the Activity
  • Archive Date: The date and time the Activity will no longer be available to participants
The time zone associated with these dates will match the site-level timezone unless a study level time zone has been set in Study Settings: Configuration
To verify which time zone is saved for a particular Activity, navigate to the Activity Setup page and select edit time.

The time zone for your chosen Activity will appear in a separate box under the Start Date, Due Date and Archive Date

To adjust the time zone, select the underlined portion of the current time zone - this will open the ‘Time Zone’ modal. When the modal appears, you will see a Country drop-down menu and a Time Zone drop-down menu. Once you customize these settings to suit your objective, select Save to verify your change. 

NOTE: If participant responses have been received for the Activity, you will not be able to modify the time zone. Likewise, adjusting the study-level time zone in Site Settings: Configuration will not automatically adjust the time zone for Activities that have already been created. If the Activity was created prior to adjusting the study-level time zone, the Activity time zone will need to be changed manually in order to match.
For more information on Time Zones:
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