Activity Dates and Scheduling

Standard and Journal Activities

Recollective applies some default settings to new Activities, but you'll need to choose a Start Date and Due Date at a minimum. The Start Date is when the Activity becomes visible to participants and the Due Date is used by Recollective to send out reminders to those people who have yet to complete the Activity and should reflect the target for the Activity's completion.

The Archive Date is a cut-off point after which the Activity can no longer be completed. This is not a mandatory part of an Activity's configuration. You can also set the specific time by pressing the edit time button beneath each date modal - this also gives you access to the Activity's time zone.

If you have Activity sequencing on, you will need to ensure that the Start Date and Due Date are correctly configured to the sequence order of other Activities. If this is not correct, participants may not be able to start Activities as anticipated. Recollective will display warning icons and messages on the Activity Card(s) until the issue is resolved.

Live Group Chat Activities

With the Live Group Chat Activity type, the date setup is more straightforward. Simply select a Start Date, Start Time and intended Duration. The time zone for the Activity is displayed directly below this field as well.