Copying Activities

In addition to adding Activities normally, you can save a lot of time by copying an Activity (and all its composite Tasks) in a single step. You can even copy Activities across Studies on the same site.

Start by visiting the Activities tab in your Study. Locate the Activity you want to copy, open the card's drop-down menu and select the Copy option (shown below):

A confirmation dialog box will appear with an option to also Include start date, due date and archive date. Press Copy when ready.

Next, in the same or different Study, view the list of Activities and select the Add or Paste Activity card. In the menu that appears, select Paste Activity as shown below (this process can be repeated several times):

The final step is to define a new Activity name and confirm all configuration options (e.g. Activity dates and visibility settings).

Copied Activities are not linked together which permits them to be modified without impacting each other or the original.
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