Multi Market Projects

Recollective is available in 25+ languages and all timezones, enabling you to run truly global research. There are different ways to set up a project to run in multiple markets. This article will cover:

The Multiple Study Approach

By creating one study per market, you can localize all aspects of the study; from the main moderator, to the default language and default time zone. Moderators and participants will only be interacting with those others in their dedicated market which can simplify the moderation experience and boost engagement in social studies. 

Entire studies can be copied, making it quick and easy to set up multiple studies for the same project. 

Response data from separate or copied studies will not aggregate in the platform, but can be exported and combined externally.

How to copy and localize a study

  • Step 1: Program the study for your first market 
  • Step 2: Export the Instructions Only Activities Transcript for translation
  • Step 3: Copy the programmed study
  • Step 4: Invite the local Moderator
  • Step 5: Customize any additional Study Settings
  • Step 6: Input the translated instructions 
Note: Steps 1-3 require access to Site Administration, so these steps must be completed by an Analyst level user.

Step 1: Program the study for your first market

If you have not programmed a study in Recollective before, refer to our Study Setup & Activity & Task articles for further instructions.

Step 2: Export the Instructions Only Activities Transcript for translation

The Instructions Only Activities Transcript effectively acts as a copy of your programmed research guide. This Transcript can be saved as a PDF, or copied and pasted directly into a word document to be shared with translation partners. 

Translating the Activities Transcript is not required, but is recommended. Receiving the translations back in the exact format in which they appear in the platform can greatly simplify the input process. 

Step 3: Copy the programmed study

Navigate to your site’s Dashboard. To copy a Study, select the menu control on the top-right of the Study card you want to copy and select Copy Study.

You will be shown a dialog box with options that let you decide which elements of the Study you wish to carry over to the copy. If your markets have staggered start dates, you can reschedule the Activity Start Dates directly from this window.

Once you have selected which elements of the study you would like copied over, you will be presented with a new dialogue box with settings pertaining to the Study copy:

  • Study name: The study name will be visible to participants, so choosing a name in the target language is recommended
  • External Study ID (optional): This identifier is only visible to Administrators. If you are choosing a study name in another language, you can use the External Study ID to house a project ID, or, a study name in your preferred language.
  • Customize Language: Use this option to determine the default language for the platform interface in the study copy.
  • Customize Time Zone: Use this option to determine the default time zone for the study. Any copied Activities and Discussion topics will inherit this time zone.

Any of these settings can be modified after creating the copy by going to the Study Admin Menu > Study Settings > Configuration

Click Add Study to create your copy. The copying process can take a few minutes, especially in studies that have a large amount of stimulus. 

Once the copy is created, the study interface will continue to appear in your site’s default language. This is because the platform recognizes you as an Administrator and anticipates that you will want to continue with the setup in your preferred language. If you wish to view the platform interface in the study’s default language, you can do so at any time using the language toggle at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Step 4: Invite the local Moderator

  • Go to Site Administration > Admins 
  • Select Invite New Admins
  • Select the role > Moderator
  • Using the Assign Studies menu, assign the Moderator to their corresponding study
  • Click Invite to send the invitation

More detailed instructions for inviting new and existing Administrators can be found here

Step 5: Customize any additional Study Settings

We recommend reviewing and/or updating the following in each study copy:

Step 6: Input translated instructions

The last step is simple. Edit each Activity, Task, and Discussion Topic and input the other language text. 

Preview the study once complete to ensure all participant facing content has been updated.

Tip: Don’t forget to update any Prompt Task button labels. 

Other Considerations

Participant Access: Ensure the site subscription reflects the desired Participant Access start date and end date needed for each market. Note that the Participant Access start time will be listed in the site's default timezone.

Agreements: Agreements at the site level can be shown in multiple languages. More information on this can be found here. Recollective provides an Information Consent and/or Terms of Use template that is easy to populate and use. Please note that this template is only available in English.

Site level agreements will be seen by all participants. If each market requires a custom agreement, you can configure the agreement as a Screening Question.

Default screening notices are available in all platform languages, however you may wish to customize the notices to better suit the purpose of your screener. If you choose to customize this text, you will need to input the translations here as well.

Multilingual Study vs. Multiple Studies

Multilingual Support

A single study can operate in more than one language. Known as Multilingual support, this feature is only required when you need a study to operate multiple languages with the same set of participants. For example, you may have an obligation to provide participants with the option to read and respond in either of their country’s official languages. 

To avoid technical issues that can occur with language support changes, only Recollective can update the Multilingual Support setting. Please contact us to request a change.

The Fill the Blanks, Image Review and Video Review Task Types are not fully compatible with multilingual Study setups.

This option is not ideal in socialized studies as participants will see Task responses in either language and may be deterred from joining the conversation. It is also not recommended for projects that span multiple markets. If you are running a project with participants in different geographical locations, we recommend a multiple study approach. 

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