How to: Update the Admin on the Home page card

When creating a study, a default People card will be present on the home page. It is populated with the Study Creator and a default introduction message. Everything on the card, from the Admin displayed to the contents of the message can be updated, by clicking on the arrow at the top right of the card and choosing Edit card.

Available Edit settings will surface in a new window.

To change the Administrator from the Study Creator to someone else, navigate to the People Filter, choose Select Administrators, then select the specific Administrator(s) who should be displayed. 

If an administrator that you want displayed does not appear in the Select administrators list, they may need to be invited to the study

The number of Administrators who appear on the card can also be customized. If you have selected multiple Administrators and wish to display them all on the card, you will need to modify these settings.

The People in total setting can be increased based on how many Admins you want to display. 

The People per page controls whether all Admins will appear together on one page, or if they will appear paginated:

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