Screening: Study level Agreements

While Recollective offers a dedicated area for configuring site wide Agreements that users are prompted to accept prior to accessing a site, end-user agreements can also be defined at the study level using Screening Questions. 

Configuring an agreement as a Screening Question is particularly useful when that agreement is only relevant to a specific study. This article will cover:

How to configure a study level agreement using Screening Questions: 

To create a new screening question within a Study, navigate to the Admin Menu and select Participant Screening.

From the Participant Screening page, select Add Question

Within the New Screening Question Modal, a Question, Field Name, Field Type, and Instructions will need to be defined. 

  • The Question is the participant facing question displayed on first visit to a study space
  • The Field Name is the internal label that will represent the Question on participant’s profiles, transcripts and exports
  • The Field Type denotes the format of response solicited from the user (e.g. plain text, date, number, poll, etc.). If your agreement is an opt-in or opt-out statement, the Field Type should be set to Poll.
  • The Instructions provide a description or additional information to the user and can house lengthy agreement text, or a hyperlink to an agreement housed on a separate page or external source.

If an agreement only applies to a segment of your participants within the study, you can select the option to "Limit who can complete this field". Note that participants will need to be assigned to the relevant segment ahead of time either via bulk import, or, via a previous screening question with choices configured to add participants to segments. If in-screener segment logic is being used, previewing the screener multiple times is recommended to test the logic.

For Agreements where acceptance is required for participation in a study, poll choices can be programmed to disqualify a participant based on their response.


Different notices are displayed throughout the screening process. Whether a participant is in the process of answering screening questions, has been accepted to the study space, or even disqualified from participation, a unique notice will be displayed. 

In recognition of the varied use-cases for participant screening, Recollective allows Administrators to customize the notices displayed to participants. To configure notices, click into the Notices tab on the Participant Screening page, then click the Edit option for the Notice you wish to update

Agreements that Require a Signature or Date

Recollective compiles data regarding participant responses to screening questions, including the date of response. That said, some use-cases may require participants to manually enter their name and the date as an indication of their acceptance to an agreement. 

In such cases, multiple screening questions can be configured for the desired effect. 

If a Field is housing data that constitutes personally identifiable information (PII), such as their Name or Signature, there is a checkbox option to identify the field as such. By selecting the "May contain personal identifiable information (PII)" option, the system will include this field as part of the personal data removal when actioned.

Linking to External Agreements and Tracking Completion

If you wish to direct participants to an Agreement that is housed externally, the Prompt field type can be used to send them to that destination. 

Clicking on the Prompt button will be required for completion of the screener and the button click, date & time will be tracked along with all other profile field data.

Adding and Reusing Screening Questions from Site Administration

Screening Questions asked of participants before joining a study are actually Profile Fields. Once a screening question is created at the Study-Level, it will appear as a Profile Field housed at the Site-Level. 

Within Panelist Profiling, screening questions can be managed and added to additional studies. This avoids the need to replicate and reconfigure the same set of questions across multiple study spaces. 

More information on adding Profile Fields can be found here

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