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In the Site Administration area, under Settings, you will find an Agreements sub-section. Agreements are statements that end users are prompted to accept prior to accessing the site.

Read about Recollective's Agreements feature in our blog and watch our Installing a Custom Agreement webinar.

They are typically configured to limit legal liability, such as logging acceptance to the terms of use and consent to personal data collection. All newly defined agreements are presented to site users upon their next visit. Each Agreement can have more than one language enabled, allowing you to show the same agreement to multiple markets, and have it display in each participant's preferred language. 

Any agreement that is configured as Required must be accepted prior to entering the site. Optional agreements are possible and are typically used for marketing requirements, such as joining a newsletter.

Every site begins with a draft Agreement template. You can also add a custom Agreement.

Adding a Custom Agreement

  • Go to Site Administration > Settings > Agreements
  • Click Add Agreement, and fill out the required fields
    • Agreement Name: Define a short, unique and recognizable name for this agreement
    • Opt-In Statement: Provide an opt-in statement that will appear alongside a checkbox
    • Agreement Page (optional): Use an Agreement Page to host details such as lengthy legal terms. Once enabled, you must link text in the Statement above to the page via special {link} tags.
      For example, "I agree with the {link}Terms of Service{link}".
  • In addition to filling out the required fields, you can customize:
    • Agreement visibility
    • Each agreement on your site can be tailored in terms of visibility so that only the relevant people are shown the relevant agreement(s).

      Using the Limit Visibility switch, you can then select whether the agreement will be seen by Analysts, Moderators, Clients and / or Panelists. Most agreements you create will be for Panelists, but you could also create a Moderator agreement (if using someone external to your organization) or one for Clients so that everything is made clear up front.

    • Allowing Opt-Outs
    • Panelists can be permitted to opt-out of an agreement by enabling the Display on Account Settings switch. If a Panelist no longer accepts a required agreement, it will be noted and the Panelist will not be permitted to enter the site until it is re-accepted.

    • Automatic Reconfirmation
    • Privacy regulations, like Europe’s GDPR, often require that consent be confirmed periodically, usually on an annual basis.

      Each agreement can have its own schedule for re-confirmation. Once enabled, administrators specify the time interval as a quantity of days (e.g. 365). Panelists are then automatically asked to re-confirm their acceptance, or non-acceptance, at the set interval. Each response is logged on their account to ensure a full and accurate history.

It is important to note that Agreements cannot be modified after they have been accepted by participants. If you anticipate running projects in multiple languages at any time on your Recollective site, the translated Agreement text should be entered at the time when the initial site Agreement is configured.

For more information on Agreements:

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