Agreements in Multiple Languages

Each Agreement can have more than one language enabled, allowing you to show the same agreement to multiple markets, and have it display in each participant's preferred language. 

The languages available will be based on those that are enabled under Site Setup: Basic Settings

To enter a translation for an Agreement:

  • Click on the language toggle in the bottom right corner of the Opt-In Statement or Page Content field
  • Each field is mandatory and will need to be updated with the appropriate translations

  • A green dot next to a language indicates that adequate translations have been entered, and that the agreement will be available to participants in that language. 
  • A white dot indicates languages that are enabled on the site, but that do not have adequate translations entered, and therefor the Agreement will not be available to participants in that language.
It is important to note that Agreements cannot be modified after they have been accepted by participants.

If you anticipate running projects in multiple languages at any time on your Recollective site, the translated Agreement text should be entered at the time when the initial site Agreement is configured.  
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