Agreement Templates

Every Recollective site includes two Agreement Templates (i.e Personal Information Consent template and Terms Of Use template). Any Analyst on your Recollective site can activate Agreement(s) by navigating to Site Administration > Settings > Agreements
By default, the Personal Information Consent template will appear in a ‘draft’ state on your site, however, the Terms Of Use template can be found by clicking Use Template > {Template Name}. Selecting one of these Agreements will redirect you to the edit Agreement Setup Page. 

Placeholder Values

Each Agreement includes [placeholders] that must be swapped before the Agreement can be activated. Placeholder values include information about your organization such as the company name, jurisdiction, and where the data will be stored/processed. To locate the placeholders in the template, click the Next Placeholder button.
Once you have finished filling out the placeholders, the yellow banner will disappear and you can select Save at the bottom or top of the page to finish configuring the Agreement. 

Activating Your Agreement

Swapping the placeholders will not automatically activate the Agreement. To activate the Agreement, you must select the Activate icon on the Agreements Page.

For more information on Agreements: 
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