Site Settings Overview

In the Site Administration area, select Settings to get an overview of the most important site settings and to access utilities and configuration options.


  • Email Broadcast: Send emails to a group of panelists or administrators on your site.
  • Message Templates: Create message templates which can be used to quickly send email messages, or when commenting on discussions and activities.
  • Agreements: Create and manage agreements for your site that users must agree to before accessing your site. (i.e. privacy agreements, terms of use etc.)
  • Site Log: Review important actions and statuses related to bulk imports, SSO and recent video usage minutes.


  • Basic Settings: Configure basic settings for your site such as the site name, site description, and international settings.
  • Account Settings: Configure panelist account fields, password rules, password authentication as well as other account privacy and security settings.
  • Subscription: Find all of the information for your license(s), including participant and administrator access dates and available video minutes.
  • Site Appearance: Customize the look and feel of your site by uploading your logo, selecting backgrounds and site colours.
  • Email Settings: Configure all of the settings for the email broadcasts such as sending email address, notification frequency, and email footer.
  • Site Notices: Customize important notices that may be shown to your panelists when various events occur.


The Integrations section houses add-on features that require technical setup and testing prior to use. You will only see Integrations on your site if you have purchased one or more of these add-ons. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about any of these features.
  • Webhooks: Signal external applications when an event occurs in Recollective.
  • Access Keys: Various integrations with Recollective will require the use of Access Keys as a form of authentication. Multiple access keys can be defined.
  • Single Sign-On: Single Sign-On (SSO) can be used to automate account creation, account updates and user authentication with another site. This utility demonstrates how SSO Login URLs are to be generated.
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