Site Settings Overview

In the Site Administration area, select Settings to get an overview of the most important site settings and to access utilities and configuration options.

The Settings area includes:


  • Email Broadcast: Send emails to a group of panelists or administrators on your site.
  • Message Templates: Create message templates which can be used to quickly send email messages, or when commenting on discussions and activities.
  • Agreements: Create and manage agreements for your site that users must agree to before accessing your site. (i.e. privacy agreements, terms of use etc.)
  • Site Log: Review important actions and statuses related to bulk imports, SSO and recent video usage minutes.
  • Webhooks: Signal external applications when an event occurs in Recollective.
  • Webhooks is an add-on feature that requires technical setup and testing prior to use. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about this feature.


  • Basic Settings: Configure basic settings for your site such as the site name, site description, and international settings.
  • Account Settings: Configure panelist account fields, password rules, password authentication as well as other account privacy and security settings.
  • Subscription: Find all of the information for your license(s), including participant and administrator access dates and available video minutes.
  • Site Appearance: Customize the look and feel of your site by uploading your logo, selecting backgrounds and site colours.
  • Email Settings: Configure all of the settings for the email broadcasts such as sending email address, notification frequency, and email footer.
  • Site Notices: Customize important notices that may be shown to your panelists when various events occur.

The following options are also found in Site Administration, but not under Settings

  • Panelists: Add and manage all Panelists on your site and access their individual Panelist Profiles.
  • Segments: Create and manage all Basic Segments and Smart Segments.
  • Panelist Profiling: Manage all Custom Profile Fields and determine where they will appear to Panelists.
  • Bulk Import: Upload panelist information onto your site (e.g. Email Addresses, Segments, Profile Fields).
  • Admins: Add or invite new Admins to join the site and manage existing Admins.
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