Site Settings: Site Log

In the Site Administration area, under Settings, you will find a Site Log sub-section. From this area, you can review important actions and statuses with reference to bulk imports and SSO. 

SSO is an acronym for Single Sign-On. It is an integration option that allows remote authentication of site end users. SSO is a premium feature that requires custom development by the customer.

Reviewing the Site Log

The dynamic table presented on the Site Log page has both filtering and sorting controls:
  • Search log option
  • Filter by Segments
  • Filter by Category / Action
  • Filter by status (i.e. Success, Warning or Failed) or category / action (i.e. Bulk Import SiteBulk Import StudySSO Access DeniedSSO Admin UpdatedSSO Panelist Added, etc.
  • Filter by Studies (use this filter to audit actions or service usage within a specific study or studies)
  • Filter by Date Range
  • Sort by table column (i.e. StatusLog IDSummary, Category / Action, User, User ID and Date)

There is also a Recent Video Minutes Used quicklink, which will automatically filter the Site Log to show Standard and Live Video Minutes used in the past 90 days. 

Each Site Log entry on the table has a Details option that can be selected to provide more information on the given action. For example, clicking into a bulk import log's details will allow you to see the full log entry (e.g. how many people were added and / or updated, how many Segments and Profile Fields were created, etc.) as well as a link to download the import file as seen below:

Exporting the Site Log

The filtered or unfiltered Site Log can be  Exported for record keeping or review externally.

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