Settings: Site Log

In the Site Administration area, under Settings, you will find a Site Log sub-section. From this area, you can review important actions and statuses with reference to bulk imports and SSO. 

SSO is an acronym for Single Sign-On. It is an integration option that allows remote authentication of site end users. SSO is a premium feature that requires custom development by the customer.

Reviewing the Site Log

The dynamic table presented on the Site Log page has both filtering and sorting controls:
  • Search log option
  • Filter by status (i.e. Success, Warning or Failed) or category / action (i.e. Bulk Import SiteBulk Import StudySSO Access DeniedSSO Admin UpdatedSSO Panelist Added, etc.
  • Sort by table column (i.e. StatusLog IDSummary, Category / Action, User, User ID and Date)

Each Site Log entry on the table has a Details option that can be selected to provide more information on the given action. For example, clicking into a bulk import log's details will allow you to see the full log entry (e.g. how many people were added and / or updated, how many Segments and Profile Fields were created, etc.) as well as a link to download the import file as seen below:

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