Site Settings: Subscription

In the Site Administration area, under Settings, you will find a Subscription sub-section. It will provide you some important dates pertaining to your current subscription license access dates (both participant and administrator), service limit items like number of open Studies and video usage as well as support contact channels.

Participant Access must be live on the site for participants to register an account. if access has not yet started, you can change the start date tied to your subscription. Don't worry, you'll always have at least a month to do your analysis after participant access is over. We also offer Admin archive options if the data needs to stay hosted online longer.

There are 3 main sections to the Subscription page:

Administrator Access

This section indicates when Administrator Access started and when it will end (by default, Administrator Access will end roughly one month after Participant Access has ended). Once Administrator Access has ended, administrators will no longer be permitted to log in. The site will then be purged 2 weeks after Administrator Access has ended. You can purchase an Admin Archive extension before this date if you would like to have continued access to the site. Once purged, the site and all of its data are permanently deleted and non-recoverable:


This section will break down your:

  • Participant Access start and end dates
  • Active participant limit
  • Maximum number of studies that can be run concurrently for any projects being run on the site. 

If participant access has not yet started, you can adjust the participant access start state by selecting the Edit option for that phase. If access has already started, you will need to contact us and we can adjust the date for you. If you are running multiple projects on a single site, you may have multiple subscription phases.

As key Subscription dates approach, Recollective will provide you with a reminder in the form of a banner, which will appear at the top of your Recollective Site Page. This banner will provide reminders for upcoming Project Phases, as well as Scheduled end dates for Participant and Administrator Access.

Service Limits

This section provides a breakdown of the number of Standard and Live Video Minutes that are available on the site. This includes the number of minutes remaining, the number of minutes used this month, the number of minutes used in the last 30 days, and any minutes that were recently purchased. You are also able to select the View Details button on Standard or Live Video minutes to view a detailed breakdown of when these minutes were used. 

Participants will never be prevented from uploading videos or participating in meetings if you exceed your allotted standard or live video minutes. Instead, you will go into the negative and will be unable to export your data until you have purchased additional minutes. You will receive a warning at the top of the page if you are nearing or have exceeded your allotted video minutes:

If you need help with your subscription, such as an upgrade in capacity, video minutes, live video minutes, or an access time extension, please contact us.

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