Requesting Support

For assistance within Recollective, select the question mark icon in the bottom-right corner of any page. This help widget does not appear by default to Clients.

  Selecting the help icon opens a window with two sections:

Using the Ask support option within the platform ensures you get a fast response. You can alternatively reach us by email at

Support Hours

Standard support is available from 6AM to 10PM Eastern time (excluding Canadian public holidays). Outside of standard support hours, we'll reply as soon as someone is available to help!

If you have an urgent issue that requires immediate action, and haven’t heard back from us through the standard support channels, please navigate to to open an emergency support ticket.

Tips for Participants

When participants select the help icon, a window opens with the same sections. The destination of each section is however unique:

Participants cannot contact Recollective for support. 
🗣️ Still have questions? Contact us or leave us some feedback on how we can do better!
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