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Whether this is your first research study, or you are just here browsing; we're so glad you're here. Recollective is an online research platform for developing insights communities and conducting qualitative research studies.

Recollective is a powerful and flexible research tool developed in collaboration with the world's most innovative organizations to meet their sophisticated and advanced research needs. It is intuitive enough for anyone to use and can be utilized for projects and communities of any duration and size.

Our experienced and responsive services team works closely with all partners to ensure complete satisfaction and success.

How Does It Work?

Recollective is designed as a do-it-yourself platform, which is why we have plenty of resources and services readily available to help familiarize you with the platform and ensure your project is a huge success. Recollective offers a variety of tools and services to promote project success; from this Knowledge Base, on-demand webinars on special topics, Resource Packages, and on-demand training.

Beyond that, if you ever need help, our HelpDesk team is available at helpdesk@recollective.com to answer any of your questions. To quickly send the team a message, click the question mark icon at the bottom-right of any page on your Recollective site. Select the ‘Ask’ tab to send us an email. 

We encourage you to use this method of contacting us as it allows us to pinpoint where you are located on the site, enabling faster response times. With the exclusion of Canadian public holidays, our support specialists are readily available to assist Moderators and Analysts Monday through Friday, from 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM EST. 

Knowledge Base

You are currently reading this article on our Knowledge Base. Recollective’s Knowledge Base contains a library of articles that are categorized for quick reference. In addition, you will find how-to style articles, overviews, and guides to using the platform and its features. If you ever have a specific question in mind, try using the search bar at the top of the Knowledge Base to find relevant content.

We recommend that you bookmark this knowledge base: helpdesk.recollective.com. However, when you’re using your Recollective site, you can also click the question mark icon at the bottom-right of your screen to access it at any point.

Recollective also offers a Participant facing Knowledge Base at tips.recollective.com. Feel free to share it! 

Pre-Launch Check Reviews

Beyond these resources and services, we also conduct Pre-Launch Check (PLC) reviews. For every new project, our Support Team can conduct one complimentary Pre-Launch Check review. PLC’s are great - they’ll give you some peace of mind that your study is set up optimally before going live with your project, so we’d highly recommend that you book one once you’re reaching the end of the set up process. Find out more about PLCs here

Getting Started

Now that you are more familiar with Recollective and the resources available to you, head over to our step-by-step guide on getting started with your project! 

🗣️ Still have questions? Contact us or leave us some feedback on how we can do better!
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