Pre-Launch Check

For each new project, you may receive one (1) complimentary Pre-Launch Check. Once reviewed, you will be sent a detailed report listing important settings and setup suggestions. In the off chance we spot any errors, we will highlight exactly where they are and provide the steps for an appropriate fix.

Each item we point out to you will be classified as low, moderate or critical in severity.

  • To ensure a successful study, critical issues should be addressed prior to launch.
  • Moderate items may have a noticeable impact on your study so we recommend that these items be reviewed prior to launch as well.
  • Low items, while not necessary to implement before launch, will be noted to help you improve your present and future setup so you can get the most out of using Recollective.

Based on the number of items and the potential impact that each could have, we will also give an overall recommendation on whether or not we believe the study is ready for a successful launch.

To better meet your dynamic study timelines, we will only begin your Pre-Launch Check once you have reached out to let us know your project is ready for review.

To afford sufficient time for a thorough review, the turnaround time for a Pre-Launch Check can be up to one business day. We appreciate your understanding that any reviews requested with less than one business days notice may not be delivered before the study’s launch. 

How to request a Pre-Launch Check

Requesting a Pre-Launch Check is easy! All you need to do is get in touch with our team. The quickest way to do this is by simply following the new in-platform guidance when you are ready to do so:

Clicking on Contact us will automatically open and fill a conversation with your important project details. You are welcome to add any other information or questions that you would like our team to be aware of when we complete your check:

You can also send us an email at Just be sure to include the name of your site and the study you would like reviewed so we can expedite your request.

Pre-Launch Checklist 

If you want to ensure your study is set up properly on your own, or you don’t have time to request a Pre-Launch Check with Recollective, you can use one of the below Pre-Launch Checklist sas a guide. A list of common settings and options to review are listed for you.

If your study does not include any Live Video Activities:

If your study uses Live Video Activities only:

If your study contains a combination of standard and live activities, we recommend referencing both checklists. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request my Pre-Launch Check early?

  • Yes! Once we receive your request, we will complete your Pre-Launch Check as soon as possible. We recommend requesting your Pre-Launch Check two business days in advance so that you have plenty of time to review the feedback and implement any changes.

What happens if I request my Pre-Launch Check with less than one business days notice?

  • We will always complete requested Pre-Launch Checks. If we receive your request less than one business day in advance of your Participant Access starting, we cannot guarantee you will receive the completed check before your study's launch. Your request will enter a queue and you will receive the check as soon as possible, which may be on or after the day your study launches.

If I make changes to my study after the Pre-Launch Check has been sent, can I request another review?

  • For each new project, you may request one complimentary Pre-Launch Check. After you have implemented your changes, our support team will happily answer any questions you have, or take a quick look at the changes to ensure an accurate setup. If you would like to receive another formal review of your site, additional Pre-Launch Checks can be purchased.
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