Introduction to Private Messages

Messages are direct and private exchanges between individual Study participants and the moderators of that Study. They allow the administrators to effectively manage support enquiries within the context of the Study and it also serves as a history of all email broadcasts.

Participants can send and reply to private messages from administrators but are not permitted to send direct messages to one another.

Every Study has an Inbox and a record of all Scheduled and Sent messages. It can be accessed by selecting the Messages icon in the page header while in a Study as shown below:

Select the Messages title to review all messages or select an individual message once they appear. You will be shown the Inbox first so you can see the messages that have come in and need attending to. You can also select Sent from the filter to find all messages dispatched in the Study thus far or use the Scheduled option to see any emails that have been drafted to be sent at a later date and time.

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