Exchanging Private Messages

Private messages can be sent to an individual participant or to group of participants (e.g. all active participants, those in a particular Segment, people that didn't complete an Activity, and so on).

Messaging a Group of Participants

There are various ways to select and filter on participants to ensure you can send your message to the right audience. Learn about Sending Email Broadcasts.

Broadcasting a message sends an individual message to each recipient and does not start a group conversation. If you want that type of interaction, you'll want to leverage Mentions, Discussions and Live Group Chat Activities.

Messaging a Participant

To correspond with a single participant, hover your cursor over their name anywhere in the study and select the envelope icon that appears.

You can also click a participant's name to view their profile which offers a View Messages option.

All previous messages sent and received by that participant will be listed on the Messages page. Simply select the New private message to participant input to write a new message to that individual.

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