Email Notification Preferences

A busy Study can generate a lot of notices. These are delivered inside the application while you're online but they are also delivered by email.

To ensure everyone is happy with the volume of emails they're getting, you can pick the frequency of emails sent from the site. Notifications can come by email instantly (one notice at a time), or as a periodic digest (e.g. daily or weekly).

Participants can be permitted to adjust the frequency of email notifications to suit their personal preferences.

Notification Preferences

To update your own personal email notification preferences, head over to your Account Settings page. Scroll to the bottom where you'll find a section titled Notifications.

Your choices are:

  • None
  • Immediately (one email per notice as-it-happens)
  • Daily (one or more times per day)
  • Weekly (particular day and time of week)
We recommend a Daily notification schedule such as 6 AM, noon and 6 PM.

Limiting Notification Options

As a site Analyst, you may not wish to allow your study participants to opt-out of these important notifications, or may wish for them to receive them at least daily. If so, you can set the default preference AND limit the choices shown in the form above by visiting the Site Setup: Email Notifications section in Site Administration.

Resetting Everyone's Preferences

If you believe the default notification preference can be improved for all existing users of the site, you are able to bulk-update everyone to use the new settings. To do so, visit the Site Setup: Email Notifications in the Site Administration area.

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