Changing or Resetting a Password

You can change your password at any time from your Account Settings page. If you, or someone you are supporting, has forgotten their password you can also reset it for them.

Changing Your Own Password

To change your password, visit the Account Settings page and select Change Password or Define Password. You'll need to provide your current password before selecting a new one. 

Upon submitting the form, a verification code will be sent to your email address. Check your email for the code and enter it in the window.

Finally, be sure to follow the password rules defined in Site Setup: Account Settings area of Site Administration.

Resetting a Forgotten Password

If you've lost your password, simply visit the site's login page and select Forgot your password. You'll be prompted for your email address to start the password reset process.

If the email address you provided is not recognized, just locate an email you received from the site to be sure you're using the correct address.

Once your email has been submitted, you will be sent a message with a link to follow. That link will take you to a page to choose a new password.

Resetting Someone Else's Password

To change someone's password on their behalf, you'll need to have an Analyst account. Locate the person in either the Panelists: All Panelists or Admins section of the Site Administration area and edit their account. Enter a new password on the form, confirm it, and then save.

We recommend asking people to reset their own passwords as it allows them to keep it a secret and they're more likely to set a passphrase that they can remember.

Automatic Password Expiry

Sites with high security needs can enforce complex passwords but also enable a feature whereby passwords expire periodically thus forcing regular password changes.

If enabled, you will eventually see a warning that your password is about to expire. The page with this warning will permit a password change to be made right away.

If your password has already expired and you are beyond the configured grace period, you must reset your password by email following the instructions above for Resetting a Forgotten Password.

To enable and configure password security settings, you must be an Analyst and visit the Site Setup: Account Settings section of the Site Administration area.

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