Updating Your Time Zone

When you first login to Recollective, the application will compare your system clock to available time zones and select a matching country and time zone for you.

You can verify the time zone selection was accurate by clicking your photo in the top-right corner of any page and comparing the time shown to your computer's clock. If the time zone displayed is incorrect, click on the time and a pop-up will appear where you can manually adjust it::

When the time zone from the browser does not match the time zone detected on your profile, you will be prompted to Verify your time zone.

When you click on your profile photo, the time indicated at the bottom will appear in yellow and you will be prompted to adjust it.

Selecting  Adjust Time will open a pop-up setting for the time zone, with a country selector box and a time selector box, with time zones available in the selected country.

If your region follows Daylight Saving Time, or Summer Time, at any point during the year, be sure to choose a time zone that indicates this (even if it's not summer yet). If you don't see your time zone, make sure the country is properly selected.

Remember to hit the  Save button once you have chosen your desired preferences and settings. 

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