Site Settings: Webhooks

In the Site Administration area, under Settings, you will find a Webhooks sub-section. Webhooks are used to signal external applications when an event occurs in Recollective, so setting up webhooks allows Recollective to provide other external applications with real-time information. As the designated events occur within the platform, the external application is passed the applicable information immediately.

Webhooks is a feature that requires technical setup and testing prior to use. Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about this feature.
Recollective provides the ability for you to pass participant information in the form of basic URL callbacks to custom web addresses. As soon as Recollective specific events occur, our system will queue the respective communication jobs and execute them securely via a server-side call.
Webhooks are most commonly used within Recollective to directly communicate the current status of participants to panel providers. While this is the most common scenario, one can also use webhooks for a variety of different scenarios including the migration of basic participant data to an entirely different platform. Some of the events specific to a participant include:
  • Screening successful
  • Screening unsuccessful: disqualified
  • Screening unsuccessful:  over quota
  • New activity available
  • Activity response completed
  • New discussion topic
  • New discussion post
  • Participant added to study
  • Participant removed from study
  • Participant visits visit by participant
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