Auditing the Action Log

All user actions are logged in the Action Log to enable monitoring and auditing of actions taken. You can access this report via the Admin: Reports > Additional menu within a Study as shown below:

Participants are able to see their own action log entries while Study administrators can view all entries.

Action Log Filtering

Filter by the class of user, Participant or Admin and then filter by the type of action. You can even filter on select Segments or individuals. Additional filters exist to locate actions logged within a certain timeframe as well.

Managing Incentives

If Points are enabled, you can use the Action Log to view and revoke points associated to an action. You can also filter the Action Log to get a total of points awarded. This total appears at the bottom of the log results.

Exporting Log Data

Also found along the bottom of the Action Log results is the ability to export the filtered data. Select Export to CSV to initiate a download.

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