Client Role Administrators

There are three distinct Administrator roles in Recollective:  AnalystsModerators and ClientsClient accounts are restricted to a limited, read-only access by default but additional permissions can be set at the Study level. This article will cover:

The Client role can also be given to translators (Administrators who will be joining your Recollective site to provide live translations during live video Activities only).

Inviting new Clients

Each Client will need to have their own account in Recollective. You can invite new Clients by following these steps:

📍 Go to Site Administration > Admins
  1. Click on Invite New Admins
  2. Select the Client role
  3. Assign the Studies the new Admin(s) should have access to
  4. Enter the Admins Email Address(es)
  5. Click Invite

This triggers an email invitation with a login button. Each Admin will create their account and login credentials upon accepting the invite.

It is also possible to create Client accounts manually, and to send invitations to Clients who have existing accounts on your Recollective site. In this case, you can invite Clients using the Invite to Studies tab. 

Client Permissions

In the event that your Client requires additional capabilities (such as the ability to view excerpts or run Reports), you can enable these permissions from the Study Settings.

📍 Go to Study Admin Menu > Study Settings > Permissions
  1. Enable the desired options from the Permission menu
  2. Click Save

In order for Clients to be able to join the backroom of Live Video Activities, the Collaborate in Backroom permission must be enabled.

Client Permissions are uniquely configured in each Study. Be aware that permissions granted will apply to all Client role accounts that have been assigned to that particular Study. 

It's important to note that transcripts and exports may contain participants profile field information. You should only provide your Clients with permission to generate transcripts and exports if you are okay with them having access to this information.

Client Visibility of Activities and Discussions

Each Activity and Discussion Topic is, by default, visible to Client observers. Access can be limited to only select Clients, or hidden from Clients entirely. More information on limiting Activity and Discussion Topic visibility can be found here:

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