Email Sender Authentication

Email broadcasts and automated notifications from Recollective have a sending email address. It is the  FROM portion of the messages received by your end users. The default sending address is but it can be customized (formerly as of March 6th, 2024).

If a custom sending email address is configured, all outgoing emails will appear as if they come directly from that address. Sending email on behalf of another domain requires that Recollective be granted permission to send email with that domain. Without such permission there is a risk that its messages will be mistaken as junk mail. 

For example: Malicious scammers are not permitted to use the domain name of your bank when sending you email. If they do, they are spoofing the bank's identity and email providers will automatically junk such messages. 

To ensure Recollective emails are actually delivered, email providers require assurance that the messages are authentic. This is done by granting permission to Recollective to send email on your behalf. To do so requires the domain name owner setup additional DNS records ( DKIM and SPF records).

We understand this is an advanced topic so please don't hesitate to contact us for additional assistance.

Enabling a Custom Sending Address

The first step to define a custom sending address:

  1. Visit the Settings: Email Notification area
  2. Select Use a custom email address
  3. Provide an email address and proceed to the next step
  4. Three required DNS records will be shown
  5. Add the DNS records and wait 5 minutes
  6. Press the Verify button to have Recollective validate the new entries
  7. If nothing is verified, wait longer before trying again
  8. Once the DNS records have been verified, the custom sending address will become active

Updating a Custom Sending Address

A custom sending address in active use can be modified. If the domain name portion of the address is not changed, the change will be instantaneous.

If new DNS records are required, they will be provided. The updated email address will not go into effect until the DNS entries are verified.

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