Facebook Integration (Identity Provider)

Recollective can be integrated with  Facebook as an identity provider to permit a secure single sign-on experience for one or more user roles. Follow the steps below to configure this integration as an Analyst in the Site Administration area of your Recollective site.

If you do not see the option to add Facebook to your site as an identity provider, please contact your account representative to learn more about our single sign-on options.

Step 1

  • Login to your Recollective Site Administration area, i.e. https://yourdomain.recollective.com/admin
  • Navigate  Settings and select  Account Settings
  • Scroll down to the Identity Providers section. 
  • Press the Add Provider button and select Facebook from the menu

Step 2

  • Customize the name and appearance of this identity provider to ensure it is easily recognized. 
  • Press Next to proceed to the Credentials tab.

Step 3

Step 4

  • For the new app Audience, select Manage Integrations for you business, unless Business Verification has been completed.

Step 5

  • For the new app Type, select Consumer

Step 6

  • For the new app Details:
    • Name your integration app (e.g. Recollective Integration)
    • Provide a contact email
    • Optionally select your verified business account

Step 7

  • The next step is to add products to your app
  • Location the Facebook Login option and select Set Up

Step 8

  • Skip the Quickstart options and proceed directly to Facebook LoginSettings

Step 9

  • Return to Recollective and copy the Redirection URI shown on the Credentials tab of the Facebook Identity Provider dialog. 

  • In Facebook, under Facebook Login > Settings, paste the Redirect URI copied from Recollective into the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs field.
  • Click Save changes to continue

Step 10

  • In Facebook, proceed to App Review > Permissions and Features
  • Locate the public_profile permission and select Get Advanced Access

Step 11

  • In Facebook, proceed to Settings > Basic 
  • Copy the App ID and App Secret so they can be pasted into Recollective in the next step.
  • Note that the Facebook integration must be switch to a "Live" before it will become accessible to all Facebook users. If you leave it in "Development" mode, only users that are associated to the Facebook app may login.
  • Facebook requires additional App information before it goes "Live" and they will ask you to agree to various terms. 
  • Basic information you can expect to provide include:
    • App icon (image that is 1024x1024 pixels in size)
    • Privacy Policy URL (page where you describe your own privacy policy)
    • User Deletions Instructions URL (page where you describe how deletion requests will be met)
    • Category (e.g. a menu is provided with options like "Business and Pages")

Step 12

  • In Recollective, paste the App ID and App Secret into the Credentials tab of your Facebook identity provider dialog.
  • Press Next to continue to the Configuration tab

Step 13

Within Recollective, the  Configuration tab allows restrictions to be imposed on the use of the identity provider and it determines how unrecognized user accounts should be handled.

  • Under Role Usage, select which Recollective user roles should be permitted to use Facebook as their identity provider. For example, switch off Panelists if Facebook should only be available for to administrative roles.
  • If Facebook will be reserved for administrators, a Visibility section will appear. Admins will have to provide their email or username on a login form before the Facebook integration will appear but you can use the visibility option to have Facebook appear immediately to all site visitors.
  • Under Account Handling, an option is provided to control how Facebook-authenticated users that are new to the Recollective site should be handled. If enabled, Recollective will attempt a match by email address between the external Facebook account and any existing Recollective accounts.
  • Note that it is not possible to automatically add administrator accounts to Recollective via the Facebook integration given it is a consumer service.

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