Types of Prepared Content Items

Although Live Group Chat, Live Group Chat with Video, and Live Video Interviews are used for synchronous engagement with participants, you can still draft prepared items for quick access during your meetings.

Types of Prepared Content:

  • Poll: Configure a question with a list of choices to choose from during the live chat. Polls can be required or optional, have their results anonymized, be single or multiple choice, display the choice options in a preset or randomized order (with the ability to lock certain ones in place), and the choices can add or remove people from Segments.

  • Message: Compose statement or questions you know you'll need to ask during the live chat. Messages are ideal for an introduction line and explanation of the chat’s ground rules (like the one shown below) as well as having your guide's questions ready to be surfaced during the chat.

  • Photo: Upload any images you know you'll need to present during the live chat. Photos are ideal for any concept or product images you may need to present to participants for feedback. 

  • Video: Upload any video content you know you'll need to present during the live chat. Videos are ideal for presenting advertisements to participants for feedback.  

  • File: Upload any file needed for the live chat that is not an image or video (e.g. Excel, PDF or PowerPoint).

You can use the Add Caption option to give items a distinct name that participants can then to refer to them by.

Grouping Prepared Content Items

  • Prepared content items can be grouped together. This is beneficial if you would like to post several stimuli at one time as you will only have to click 'Post Item' once to send all the items in the group. 

  • Prepared content items that are not grouped together will be sent one at a time.

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