Screen sharing in Live Video Activities

Recollective's Live Video Interview Activity and Live Group Chat Activity supports screen sharing for both the Host and the participant. Hosts can share their screen at anytime, while participants must be invited by the Host in order to share their screen.

Screen Share Control

During a Live Video Interview, hosts will see the screen sharing option on the bottom of the screen next to the camera toggle and settings button:

Once selected, the host can choose to share their own screen or request that the participant share theirs. Participants will not see this control as they must be invited to share their screen. 

If invited, a pop-up message will appear to the participant asking them to share their screen:

The participant's webcam video will remain visible to the host and backroom observers. While screen sharing, the Host or participant can navigate to other windows, browsers, and/or tabs on their device. The browser and tab where the meeting is occurring must remain open for the duration of the meeting.

If you have a single monitor or display and plan on sharing your screen with the participant, make sure that you minimize the chat and directory first so that the participants do not see any backroom comments or observers.


When you’re sharing your screen, the other person’s video still appears large in the Live Video Interview interface as you’re not shown your own screen share.
If you would like to detach the video so that you can display it on top of the screen you are sharing, you can right click on the participant’s video and select Picture-in-Picture. This will detach the video so you can keep it on top of all of your other windows. You can also resize the video if needed by dragging the corner:

With this setup, you won’t have to keep the Live Video Interview interface in view. You can move it or resize it and it will stay on top of the windows you’re using as stimulus.

The screen share will end when the Host selects the Stop Sharing Screen command.

Meeting Recordings with Screen Share

Upon completion of the meeting, all shared screens are included in the final recording with the participant's webcam inset along the bottom. The recording can be exported with or without the host's webcam which will also appear nested in the corner when included.

Browser Support

Live Video Interviews are supported on desktop and mobile browsers, however, screen sharing requires a desktop browser. This limitation exists as it's not currently possible to screen record on a mobile device without installing a dedicated application. 
If only the host is on a mobile device, they can still request that the participant share their screen.
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