Posting Prepared Content

To share prepared content during a live meeting, open the chat window, then click post prepared item from within the chat box:

A menu will appear with several options:

1. Three distinct content lists, which separates content between what has been posted, what has been skipped, and what hasn’t been posted yet. In each list, content appears in order—unposted content appears in the order it was added, posted content appears in the reverse order of posting (with the first posted item appearing at the bottom of the list), and skipped content appears in the reverse order as well.

2. An add item button exists to allow you to add new content on the go. Content added via this method is saved into the prepared items section for the next interview! Adding a new item puts it at the end of the queue of prepared items, but the order of the items can be adjusted by dragging and dropping them into position. 

3. An option to change the order of items by dragging and dropping

4. A drop down menu with options to post, skip, edit, duplicate, or delete item

5. An easily accessible Post Now button to upload content immediately. 

It’s also possible to post items ad hoc into a meeting without preparing them beforehand using the + button next to the chat box. New items posted via this mechanism will not be saved in prepared content for later. You can also access the prepared items menu from this button!

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