Study Code Book

Whenever you use the Excerpt tool in Recollective, Codes can be associated directly to your Excerpts. All the Codes used in a Study are saved in the Study's Code Book. You can build out an initial Code Book before launching the Study and select from these codes when they are applicable. To create additional ones, simply press the “New Code” button, type in a label and optional description, then press Save

If you’d like to remove items from the Code Book, you can simply select them with the check boxes and press "Archive". This will disable the selected Codes from further use but retain any previously coded Excerpts that they were applied to. 

If you'd like to permanently delete a Code, you must first click into the label for this option to be presented (we do not recommend deleting these however unless completely necessary). You can also re-order the Code Book by using the handles on the right hand side of a Code's description that appear when hovering over it.

Study Codes are not shared across multiple Studies in your Recollective site. If you want to use an existing Code Book when building a new Study, you are advised to first copy the original Study so that the Code Book can be replicated into your new Study space.
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