Troubleshoot: Using Support Login

If you ever want to assume the role of a specific participant, you can use the  Support Login feature which can be helpful for a number of reasons. 

A great use case for this feature is to troubleshoot participant reported issues, such getting an error message when submitting a Task response, or clicking a participant through a final Prompt Task in an Activity to register them as complete

  • In this example you're able to action the submission of responses (which allows you to use them for analysis and reporting purposes) while saving your participant another login and session.

Hovering over a specific participant's profile picture will present a pop-up with their relevant info. Click the keyhole icon to perform a login on behalf of the desired participant. 

You can also access the Support Login option wherever there are participant specific drop-down menus.

Analysts are also able to support login as Moderators and Clients. This can be done by navigating to the Admins page within Site Administration and selecting  Support Login from the dropdown menu available on each admin:

Or by navigating to their edit admin page and selecting the  Support Login option at the top of the page:

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