Troubleshoot: Using Support Login

If a participant reaches out with an issue, any Analyst can utilize the Support Login feature to help troubleshoot. Support Login allows one to briefly assume the role of a specific user, and see the platform through the eyes of that user.
Some great use cases for this feature would be:
  • To help troubleshoot any reported error messages a participant may be encountering when completing Tasks.
  • Assisting participants with the submission of their responses (e.g uploading a media response on their behalf, or clicking them through a final Prompt Task in an Activity so they are logged as Completed). 

Support Login can be accessed in multiple locations within the platform for one’s convenience. 

  • Hovering over a specific participant's profile picture will present a pop-up with their relevant info. Click the keyhole icon to perform a login on behalf of the desired participant. 

  • It can also be accessed wherever there are participant specific dropdown menus (e.g the Response Summary of an Activity). Analysts can click on the dropdown arrow next to a participant’s name to access this feature.

Once enabled, a yellow bar will appear across the top of the page indicating that Support Login is active for the selected participant. To exit out of Support Login, simply click on the X in the right corner. 
In addition to assisting participants, Analysts can utilize this feature to assist both Moderators and Clients
  • A good use case would be if an Analyst needs to send an Email Broadcast to participants on behalf of a specific Moderator.
Support Login for Admins can be accessed by by navigating to  Site Administration > Admins > Search Admins. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the Admin’s name to reveal the  Support Login option.

The option is also available on their individual Admin edit pages. 

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