Tip: Helping Participants with Video Uploads

Uploading video can be tricky sometimes! In most cases, video upload issues are tied to a poor network connection. Videos can often be hundreds of megabytes and one needs a healthy connection to submit videos online.

We recommend having at least a  1 Mbps of uploading bandwidth. Internet connections can be tested with Google and SpeedTest.net but be careful not to confuse the download and upload measurements. The upload speed test is always after the download measurement.

Troubleshooting Tips

You can always reference our troubleshooting media uploads article for more detailed information on topics like file types, but here are some general recommendations:

  • Unless they are recording their webcam, have participants record multiple shorter videos rather than one long video. Ideally each video is under 1 minute in duration.
  • If possible, reduce the size of their video prior to upload (many newer devices record video in 4K as their default). Apple devices often compress uploaded videos to 720p but Android devices may not.
  • If all else fails, ask the participant to send their video files to you via an external service like OneDrive or Google Drive which you can upload on their behalf.

Submitting Videos on Behalf of Participants

If a participant provides a video file outside of the platform, you can submit it as a Multimedia task response on their behalf.

First, as you wait for the video file to be provided, you may wish to have the participant skip the problematic task to ensure they can continue with the remainder of the activity.

  • Edit the Multimedia Task that requires a video and make the task optional
  • Ask the participant to skip that task or can skip it for them via Support Login
  • Once skipped, edit the task and make it required again so that other participants do not skip it.
  • Once the participant has provided their video file to you, select Edit Task Response in the options menu accessible while viewing the previously skipped response. Upload the video provided as the task response. 
  • The task will now show the participant's video and will no longer have a skipped status.
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