Tip: Helping Participants with Video Uploads

Uploading video can be tricky sometimes! In most cases, video upload issues are tied to a poor network connection. Videos are easily many hundreds of megabytes and you need a healthy connection to submit videos online.

Internet speed and strength can be tested here or at a website like https://fast.com/ to ensure you have at least 1Mbps of bandwidth. 

Troubleshooting Tips

You can always reference our troubleshooting media uploads article for more detailed information on things like filetype but in terms of participant recommendations in there scenarios:

  • Have them shoot multiple shorter videos (no more than a couple minutes in length) rather than a single long one
  • If possible, reduce the size of their video prior to upload (many newer devices record video in 4K as their default) 
  • Send their video to you (e.g. via OneDrive or Google Drive in an email or a file hosting service like Dropbox) to be uploaded by you on their behalf 

If you'll be getting participants who incur upload issues with the platform to provide the file externally, you can then submit the file on their behalf via the Support Login option. If you want the participant to be able to skip over the video upload Task and continue with the remaining questions, you can go to the Task's edit page and switch it to optional and save. 

The participant will then be able to skip that Task and proceed to the next one (or you can do this for them via support login). Once skipped, you'll want to go back to the Task's edit page and switch it back to required so other participants don't abuse this option. Once the participant has provided their video externally, you can use the Edit Task Response option to upload the video.