Troubleshoot: Media Upload Issues

When it comes to uploading issues / roadblocks on specific Tasks involving media, have your participants use the following troubleshooting tips:

  1. Try an alternate browser
  2. Try an alternate device
  3. Try an alternate network connection - be patient during the upload process, especially on a slower internet network (e.g. a 1 minute HD video can exceed 100mb in size alone)

If the issue continues to occur, make sure the file attempting to be submitted is actually the correct filetype. Video uploads should be filetypes such as .mp4, .mov, .avi etc. Whereas photo uploads should be .jpg, .png, .gif etc. You’d be surprised how many people actually attempt to submit zip files or photos into a video upload area (and vice versa).

In most cases, the above suggestions should end up resolving the issue outright. If the participant still runs into issues, you may need to get some more details to address their issue (which you can then forward off to support):

  1. A description of the exact issue that’s occurring (e.g. can’t proceed to the next Task or Activity, can’t login to their account, failed video file, etc.)
  2. The URL for the page where they're having issues with
  3. Any error messages that appear on the screen - either copy the exact text or take a screenshot and try to explain what actions you were trying to do prior to the message appearing
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