Activity Guidance for Participants

Between sequenced Activities, Discussion topics, and follow-up comments, you may wonder how participants will stay on top of their schedule and track their own progress. To streamline the participant experience, aid with guidance, and keep them on schedule, Recollective has an in-platform Activity Guidance tool.

Whenever an Activity is available for a participant to complete, a red Start button will appear on the left-hand side of their navigation bar, prompting them to begin the next Activity in their available sequence. 

A red dot will also appear on any tab in the navigation bar with newly available content for participants to review - this could apply to the Home, Activities, Discussions, and Summary tabs.

The Activity guidance prompt is not specific to new Activities; if a participant has fallen behind on their available Activities, the Activity guidance prompt will always direct them to the next required Activity that is available, with a progress indicator on the far right letting them know how many of their available Activities they’ve completed so far. 
You can control how participants are guided via the Activity Guidance bar. The Activity Guidance bar will suggest the next Activity by default, but you can change this to suggest the Activities tab, or disable guidance completely. Such changes can be made from Study Admin Menu > Study Settings > Configuration.

Guidance while completing Tasks

While completing an Activity, the interface will focus on the Task at hand. If a participant has a question during Task completion, they can click on the ? icon to send a message to the study Moderator(s). 

Participants can also open Task instructions in a separate window to keep them visible while responding. This is beneficial for Video or Screen Recording Tasks where participants may want to keep the questions visible while they are recording, and Tasks where participants are answering questions about specific stimulus. 

When the Video or Screen Recording response type options are enabled, participants on desktop devices will be prompted to open the instructions in a new window. 

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