Exporting Panelists

From the  Panelists page, you have the ability to export Panelist information in bulk using a dedicated Bulk Export option. The Bulk Export option allows Analysts to create an Excel report that can be customized by: 

Use Cases:

Exporting IP Hashes

Recollective allows for the exporting of IP hashes associated with panelist account visits. Each time a user visits the Recollective platform, identifiable information in the form of their IP address is stored. To protect panelist identities and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, this data is converted into an IP hash: a unique ID derived from, but which does not identify, the IP address of the user.

For studies in which recruits are publicly sourced, or where the shared Registration Link is used, Analysts may wish to confirm that no duplicate accounts have been created. By exporting the IP hashes of panelist accounts using the Bulk Export option, the uniqueness of each individual account can be reviewed for verification.

Tracking Agreements

Recollective recommends every site contain an Agreement stipulating terms of use between researchers and panelists. They are typically configured to limit legal liability, such as logging acceptance to the Terms of Use and consent to personal data collection. Agreements can be voluntary, or they can be required for participation, and every site can house multiple Agreements. For both short and long term communities, Agreement tracking can be facilitated using the 'Agreements' filter in the Bulk Export.

For more information on Tracking Agreements, see here.

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